Particle Size and Quick Undrained Triaxial Analysis of Soil Samples from Major Gullies Sites in Edo State


The issue of gully erosion is of major concern in Nigeria. The study was carried out in Edo state, Southern Nigeria. Edo State was chosen as the study area due to the fact that the magnitude of gully erosion has resulted in loss of lives and properties, destruction of arable lands and wastage of large areas of usable land. In the study particle test and quick undrained triaxial analysis of soil sample from the major gullies sites were determined. The analysis of soil samples collected from Edo South are more sand, this also explain why the areas are susceptible to gully erosion. This can also be attributed to the high volume of soil that is wash away in the area. The compressive strength of these soil samples collected from the area are in the ranges of 163Kn/m at Ambrose Ali University in Edo Central to 232 Kn/m at Igueben also Edo Central. The bulk density in the area ranges from 1.70Mg/m3 at Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma in Edo Central to 2.66Mg/m3 at Oka in Edo South and the moisture content ranges from 26.7% at Oka in Edo South to 32.0% at Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma in Edo Central


Keywords: : Erosion, Gully, Particle, Triaxial, Undrained

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