Four Mysteries Solved: Double-Slit, Spooky Action, Tunneling, and Accelerating Universe


There are more phenomena in quantum mechanics and in cosmology that we cannot imagine how they work. The four most known phenomena are the result of the double-slit experiment, the spooky action at a distance (the working method of the non-local correlation in quantum entanglement), how the tunneling works, and why the Universe accelerates. These phenomena cannot be explained in the system of the space-time model. We need a new model with a new axiom. Space-matter theory changes the axiom of space and time. Space waves. We can express spatial distances, time units and energy with space waves. Space is what the matter senses as space. Time is one characteristic of space waves. Using this new approach, we can solve our old mysteries.

Keywords: accelerating Universe, double-slit, space wave, space-matter theory, spooky action, tunneling

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