Social Cultural Transformation in Attitude and Behavior of Padoe Community (A Case Study of Padoe Community in Mining Area Of Pt. Vale, Tbk. In Wasuponda, Luwu District, South Sulawesi Province)


The presence of PT Vale Tbk in Wasuponda, Luwu Timur Regency resulted in a change of attitudes and behavior pattern of Padoe Community due to effect of social problems created by the operation of mining companies in the region. This study aims (1) to explain and describe the attitudes and behavior pattern of Padoe Community before the entry of mining industry in their customary territory. (2) To reveal and describe whether the presence of the mining industry PT. Vale Tbk caused a change in attitude and behavior patterns of Padoe Community and what are the changes in attitudes and behavior. (3) To find out the implications of social, economic, political and cultural changes in the Community due to the presence of PT. Vale, Tbk. The method used to collect data is observation, interviews, and literature reviews. The data collected are presented in descriptive analytical form. The research results indicated first, the attitudes and behavior pattern of Padoe Community before the entry of the Mining Industry PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk in Wasuponda Region, East Luwu Regency. They upheld the sense of mutual cooperation in community life and lived from gardening, breeding buffalo, managing sago and resin, searching rattan, and hunting. Second, a change in attitudes and behavior patterns of Padoe Community after the entry of the mining in Wasuponda. People are getting interested and seeing opportunities in industrial sector. Demand for labor is one reason for people preferring industrial activities rather than agricultural activities that more income they could get from the industrial activities than farming. It was the beginning of the changes in Padoe communities in Wasuponda. In addition, a change also takes place in educational orientation and roles in the family. Third, implications of social, economic, and cultural changes of Padoe Community due to the presence of PT. Vale, Tbk.  Community life behavior of Padoe people changes because of the effect from outsiders through PT. Vale and that brings a variety of land issues: destruction of forest resources, such as resin and rattan. Meanwhile, the foothills usually processed by people as gardens and tubers have become part of mining concessions that they can no longer be worked on.

Keywords: Behavior, Culture, Social Cultural Transformation, attitude

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