Productivity of Enterprises Owned By Women Loan- Beneficiaries and Non-Loan Beneficiaries in Imo State, Nigeria


This study was conducted to investigate the comparative analysis of the productivity of enterprises owned by women loan-beneficiaries and non-loan beneficiaries in Imo State, Nigeria. A representative sample was selected through a multi-stage sampling technique. Data were collected through the use of two sets of structured questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics and total factor productivity. A total of 151 (comprising of 80 loan beneficiaries and 71 non-beneficiaries) respondents were selected for the study. The results showed that the enterprise with the highest total factor productivity is the most productive and that access to credit enables loan beneficiaries in the procurement and purchase of inputs, tools and equipment needed to improve their businesses. Increment in funds invested in the business enterprises of these women entrepreneurs alongside reduced cost of expenses could boost the possible expansion of their enterprises

Keywords: Comparative Analysis, Imo State, Women, total factor productivity

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