Gender Disparity and Students’ Mathematics Enrolment in Cross River University of Technology, Nigeria: A Trend Analysis


This study examined the Mathematics enrollment trends of male and female students of Cross River University of Technology for ten (10) academic sessions (2008/2009-2017/2018). The students examined were those with biases in Mathematics Education and Maths/Statistics. A total of 797 students were purposively sampled for the study. The researchers adopted Trend Analysis as the design to examine the patterns of Mathematics enrollment by the students. Three null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The first two hypotheses were tested by Simple Linear Regression Analysis Technique while the third one was tested by the Fisher’s Z-Transformation Technique. All the tests were carried out at .05 significance level. The results indicated no significant trends for male and female students’ Mathematics enrolment. There was equally no significant difference in male and female trends of enrollment in the subject. It was recommended, among other things, that only those who have enlisted properly as professional teachers, with bias in Mathematics should be allowed to teach the subject. This may address irregularities associated with teachers’ attitude towards students and the subject itself, which ultimately affects enrollment in the latter.

Keywords: Academic sessions, Mathematics enrolment, Trend Analysis

Article Review Status: Published

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