Charging Our Electrical Devices in Anywhere and at Any time


Being able to charge electronic devices anywhere is a modern-day problem. That said, ‘Made in China’ external charging devices can solve this problem to some extent. However, these de- vices are often poor quality and can be a fire hazard. To address this issue, the author suggests using an electromagnetic spread spectrum, which is highly related to harvesting electrical energy from clean, renewable energy sources, and then transmitted to charge all types of electrical devices. By applying this author’s proposed probability-random variables assignment — each type of electromagnetic wave is associated with a special channel with a centralized management information system controlled in the background. Such design can avoid EM-wave interference and encourage a delicate (or special) channel for energy transmitting. Hence, it can solve electrical devices charging problem or one may get the device charged anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, with a professional electronic circuit de- sign, together with meta-materials coated on the surface of a set antenna block, 90–100% of harvested renewable-clean energy might be transmitted. There is an alternative way of charging by using induc- tive coils; however, there are some defects in such case. Further advance is the introduction of electro- magnetic wormhole which can shield human beings from the influence of magnetic flux outside the tunnel during charging.

Citation: Shun L.K. (2022) Charging Our Electrical Devices in Anywhere and at Any time, International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Studies, Vol.10, No.5, pp.70-89


Keywords: : charging, any time, anywhere, electrical devices


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