Power Sector Reform Deliverables: How Well and How Good to Customers


This paper seeks to establish the effect of Power Sector Reform through rebranding policy on the quality of service delivery in Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) with a focus on Makurdi Business Unit, a service window of Jos Electricity Distribution Company. It particularly examines the level of staff commitment and attitudinal change with a view to ascertaining its effects on the quality of service delivery to the customers of Makurdi Business Unit. Participants numbering 105 respondents were drawn from the staff of PHCN and their customers (both corporate and residential) within Makurdi metropolis. A 10 item close-ended, 5- point Likert-scale questionnaire was used in collecting the primary data for the study. The instrument returned a Cronbach Alpha of 0.982 reliability test. Descriptive mean with a specified benchmark was use in testing the hypotheses. The result of data analysis revealed that the power sector reform has not significantly impacted on the quality of service delivery by PHCN in Makurdi business unit (MM, 10.3619<BM, 15). It was further observed that the power sector reform has to significantly changed the attitude of the employees of PHCN in Makurdi business unit (MM, 11.6762<BM, 15). Re-invigoration/Sustenance of the campaign through seminars, conferences and radio/television jingles was recommended as a way of ensuring improvement in the quality of service delivery to energy end users

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Policy, Rebranding, Reforming

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