Political and Economic Relations between the People of Agbor and Owa Kingdom


Inter-group relations as an academic study has lately attracted attention from scholars and researchers globally. This is not surprising, considering the enormous benefits that this genre of historical research promises. Some of these benefits include the opportunity to expose the rich culture and exchanges that occurred among the indigenous people of Nigeria and in this case, the people of Agbor and Owa located in Delta State of Nigeria. The focus of this study is on the people of Agbor and Owa, who share a lot in common even before the advent of Britain to the African continent. The study discovered that the relations that existed between Agbor and Owa took various forms, some were political, religious, cultural and economic. The study employed the multi-disciplinary approach which makes use of both the descriptive and interpretative approach in an attempt to analyze the facts.

Citation: Eborka, N. F. (2022) Political and Economic Relations between the People of Agbor and Owa Kingdom, International Journal of History and Philosophical Research, Vol.10, No.3, pp.23-32

Keywords: Agbor kingdom, Owa Kingdom, inter-group relations, kings, political organization, quarters

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/ijhphr.13/vol10n32332

Article Review Status: Published

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