A Four-Dimensional Model, a General Principle of the Universe


As it’s known that the Universe is composed of matter, energy and space, etc. Both specific matters of natural science and consciousness are moving, changing and developing all the time. However, why are things moving, changing and developing all the time? How to recognize them? There isn’t any theory which can explain this smoothly and convincing. In order to resolve these questions, we propose a four-dimensional model: Internal influencing factor – External influencing factor – Stable state maintaining system – Time model. In this model, internal influencing factor and external influencing factor are interference factors from internal and external of things respectively, while stable state maintaining system is a series of systematic factors maintaining the stable existence and stability of things themselves. As to time, it is only a necessary index for the depiction of moving, changing and developing of things. In a whole, the unbalanced integrative effect from external and/or internal influencing factors and stable state maintaining effect from stable state maintaining system determines the existence, moving, changing and developing of things at different time points. Therefore, this model is an epistemology as well as a methodology, which can depict and explain the existence, moving, changing and developing of all the things (including living organisms, abiotic matter, energy, and consciousness and social phenomena) in the Universe more accurately, systematically, and completely in form.

Keywords: external influencing factor,stable state maintaining system,time,re-cognitive model, internal influencing factor

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