Information Dimension of Virtual Cognition


Human cognition is a complex process, especially in the exploration of the unknown world. Computer technology is a kind of virtual reality computer digital processing technology, realizing the virtual construction of the cognitive object information and environment information to show people a world which can real experience, as perceptive world which can immerse. In the new cognition and practice mode of virtual reality system constructed by virtual technology, the three elements of subject, medium and object and their relations have a series of profound changes. Only making deep analysis and research to information dimensions of virtual cognition process in the realization of playing the fundamental and important role in achieving the change can we make correct understanding and evaluation to the essence and value of virtual cognition and the relationship between the virtual world and the real world. This kind of cognition and evaluation can not only discover the various insufficiency and the flaw of the previous practical epistemology, but also enrich and develop the practical epistemology of dialectical materialism.

Keywords: virtual reality; information dimension; virtual cognition

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