Fibroids in Women Related to Hormonal Contraceptive Use


The present prabajo performs an electronic search of the existing information on the enhancement between the fibromas in breast and the relationship with the use of contraceptives A review was made in the meta-search engines academic google, redalyc, scielo and search engines like punmed, cuban magazine of nursing in the range of 2015 to 2021 where the key words were, “fibromas”, “breast” and “contraceptives”. Clinical studies with the greatest available evidence were selected, focusing on randomized studies, systematic reviews, and meta-analyzes. 905 studies were located, but 858 were excluded that were not relevant to the objective of the review, of which only 25 were selected that were directly related to the subject.Therefore, the use of contraceptives tends to be risk factors for fibroadenoma was observed in the meta-analysis, and it was analyzed that the use of hormonal contraceptives may influence the complexity of the injury as opposed to those not used. it should be mentioned that other factors such as age and time of use may be involved.


Keywords: Breast cancer, fibroids and antoconceptions

Article Review Status: Published

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