Erosion Problems and Their Impacts in Anambra State of Nigeria: (A Case Of Nanka Community


The purpose of this paper is to identify the erosion sites in the study area, to analyze its soil nature and to assess the overall effects. The researchers intend to create awareness and proffer possible local and engineering solutions to reduce, minimize or prevent further occurrences in the area. To achieve the stated objective, both primary and secondary data were adopted using both statistical and descriptive techniques. The study identified serious erosion problems some of which are the following: Existence of prominent gully erosion in the study area. Considerable loss of soil structure leading to loss of agricultural productivity and disruption of socio-economic activities in the area. Various measures proffered to check the menace of soil erosion in the study area include: vegetation establishment through massive aforestation (bamboo tress establishment), digging of catchment pits for flood waters in compounds and public open spaces, provision of adequate drainage channels for flood water control and environmental education through public enlightenment programmes.

Keywords: Engineering solutions; environmental education; gully erosion; Nanka Community; vegetation establishment

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