Evaluation of Natural radioactivity in Dust Storms samples from Al-Najaf /Iraq


40K, 238U and 232Th in dust storms samples from Al-Najaf Holy Area –Iraq in year 2013 were measured using a high efficiency gamma ray spectroscopy NaI(Tl) detector. From the measured gamma rays spectra, the specific activity were determined for 40K (range from 237.166 to 368.689 Bq/kg), 238U (range from 11.531 to 34.997 Bq/kg) and 232Th (range from 2.805 to 11.162 Bq/kg). Hazard indices (external hazard index, internal hazard index, radium equivalent activities and absorbed effective dose rates) were calculated for the measured samples to assess the radiation hazards arising from dust storms samples, which it’s the average of Hazard indices equal (0.214, 0.192, 25.359 nG/y and 50.855 Bq/Kg) respectively .

All results of Hazard indices were compared with safe limit values recommended by UNSCEAR (2008) below the safe limit


Keywords: Dust Storms In Najaf, Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy, Natural Radioactivity

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