Evaluation on the Implementation of Continuous Professional Development Program: The Case of EFL Teachers


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the implementation of Continuous Professional Development program the case of EFL teachers. The study investigated the attitude of teachers towards CPD program, the role of CPD in terms of delivering new knowledge and experience, the leadership support in promoting CPD and the major impediments for the implementation of CPD. The subjects of the study were 18 EFL teachers from selected Secondary schools. In addition, high schools directors and supervisors were also involved in the study. The data was collected through four tools: reflective writing, focus group discussion, interview and document analysis. The collected data were analyzed qualitatively and case study method was employed. The findings of the study revealed that there is a great difference between the teachers’ beliefs and actual experiences in the practice of CPD. The study suggested that lots of challenges impede the proper implementation of CPD. Among them are heavy work load, lack of appropriate training facilities to practice CPD, shortage of financial and expert support, poor management of the program and poor initiatives to implement knowledge and awareness gained in the CPD program. Hence, it is recommended that to enhance the practice of CPD activity, teachers should get plenty of training opportunities to experience their professional activity.  Moreover, financial and expert support should be given due attention to improve the current status of CPD. 

Keywords: Continuous Professional Development, Evaluation, Experience, Leadership

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