Integrating Local Culture in English Language Teaching to Enhance Learners’ Emotion to Speak English


Integrating local culture in English language teaching (ELT) is increasingly practiced in non-English speaking countries. There are many studies on local cultural integration in ELT however study on emotional impact is rarely researched. This research therefore aimed at exploring how local culture plays its function to enhance learners’ emotion to speak English. This research was carried out at Pharmacology Institute of Makassar. The method used was a survey study. The samples were selected purposively based on their cultural backgrounds. The data that collected through observation and interview were analyzed by using thematic analysis. The result revealed that local culture functions as the ice breaker to reduce the anxiety in ELT. It also generates learners’ emotional experience then provides fun and cheerful atmosphere in learning. The learners had willingness to speak English since most as they were familiar with cultural input.

Keywords: Emotion, Local Culture, Speaking

Article Review Status: Published

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