The Effect of Motivation on Developing EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Skills


This study is set up to examine how motivation affects on comprehending English texts. It concentrates on reading comprehension mainly because reading is the important one of the four skills in English as foreign language (EFL). The participants are university teachers of English language and undergraduate English language students at Blue Nile University in Sudan. The researcher used the descriptive analytical approach because it is suitable for such studies. The data of this study collected by means of questionnaire and tests. This study leads to the findings that there are: motivational techniques improve the EFL intrinsic motivation to read,  motivation and attitudes affect on EFL learners’ reading comprehension skills, and different techniques of teaching reading comprehension are helpful in comprehending English texts. Finally the researcher recommends that reading strategies should be taught to EFL students and using games, elements of fun and humors in the classroom motivate students to read and understand.

Keywords: EFL Learners’, Motivation, Reading Comprehension

Article Review Status: Published

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