Writing for Real Purpose: Exploring Taiwanese Cuisine through Collaborative Learning


For the purpose of improving English major students’ writing skill and having it employed in their daily life, students were asked to find out special food which was not yet exposed to the public and introduce it in written English. Based on the group project-based learning, forty six students formed into twelve groups from a technological university located in the center of Taiwan participated in this project. In the findings, it shows that students spent a lot of time looking for unassuming but delicious food and attempting to find out certain counterpart words of their special dishes in English. They became aware of specific traditional food and built even better friendship with one another. In conclusion, students not only learned English writing skills and might be able to make use of it in reality as being food writers; they also obtained the technique of building the sound interpersonal relationship.

Keywords: Collaborative Learning, EFL Writing Skills, Food Writers, Project-Based Learning, Taiwanese Cuisine, Teamwork Building

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