Needs Analysis of the English Language Secondary Hotel Students in Jordan


This study aimed to identify the English language needs for secondary school students’ hotel stream in 2012/2013 in Jordan. More specifically, it attempted to address the following question:What are the English language needs of the hotel stream students in Jordan?The sample of the study consisted of 146 students, 27 teachers from schools of the Ministry of Education and 24 hotel employees in Jordan.To answer the question of the study, a questionnaire was developed by the researcher and addressed to the students, teachers and employees.The findings of the study revealed that there are some real special English language needs and interests for the students in hotel stream in Jordan, these needs and interests motivate and encourage students to learn and build their self –confidence toward the learning process. It is recommended that curriculum designers make use of the resulting identifying these needs and to conduct similar studies for other secondary streams in Jordan and in other countries in the world.


Keywords: AMRA, CNP, ESP

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