The Improvement of Students’ Writing Skill Achievement through Error Analysis Method


This research attempts at knowing the effectiveness of Error Analysis Method toward the students’ achievement in English writing skill and their perceptions to Error Analysis Method (hereafter EAM) for teaching and learning writing. The method used in this research is Classroom Action Research (CAR). The subjects of this research are 31 students of the third semester of English Department of State University of Medan of 2012/2013 academic year. The instrument for collecting data is essay writing test. The data are analysed by descriptive analysis. The results of the research shows that 1) the students’ achievement in English writing skill is (76.74) in average or it increases (17.32) basis points from the pre-test (59.42) in average and 2) in general, the students have positive and good perceptions toward Error Analysis Method for teaching and learning writing skill of English. This implies that the implementation of EAM is significantly effective to improve students’ writing skill.

Keywords: Error, Error Analysis Method, writing

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