Literature as Instrument for Development: A Survey of Sembene Ousmane’s Guelwaar


That there is a relationship between literature and a society, which produces it, is no longer news. However, the extent of the perceived interconnectivity between literature and its milieu remains a serious argument among literary theorists, historians and other practitioners of creative arts generally. In an attempt to contribute to the debate on the meeting point between literature and the environment which paves the way for its creation and production, we examine Sembène Ousmane’s Guelwaar with the view that Art is not only for its own sake and purpose but also for the development of the society, which it claims it is a product of. This paper therefore is premised on the pragmatic approach which stresses that literature performs certain functions. The paper concludes that literature is a potential tool for sustainable developments in various human societies.

Keywords: Corruption, Culture, Development, Empowerment, Literature, Society, Woman Emancipation

Article Review Status: Published

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