E-Commerce has emerged as an important information technology tool to business. Many companies and organizations have been using E-Commerce as a useful, helpful, and necessary trading tool in their daily business processes. Due to the huge amount of information available in the Internet and the difficulty to search all shopping websites and compare their prices and services, the consumers experience hard time finding products or services they look for. Intelligent systems came to resolve issues that consumers face when browsing E-Commerce sites, especially when searching for services or buying products. However, intelligent systems can effectively provide high-quality services to consumers when treating them in a personalized manner. A user profile can help the intelligent system provide personalized services to consumers to save their time. User profile and the intelligent system can filter unwanted products and services to help consumers, during their online shopping, make the right decision. There are many intelligent systems available nowadays; one of which is fuzzy logic. This paper presents a model of an Intelligent Buying Decision (IBD) that is based on fuzzy logic methodology to support the buying decision. The aim of modeling an intelligent system IBD is to Predicts consumer interest according to user profiles by sorting the output depending on their preferences.  Moreover, it shows the reason behind choosing fuzzy logic as an intelligent system

Keywords: E-Commerce, Intelligent Assistant System, Purchasing Decision

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