Both Wengen and Obudu Resorts are blossoming areas in tourism, and also share similar characteristics of togogeaphy and climate. A comparism of the ecological interactions between the two resorts will bring out the potentials and problems of each resort; which is useful in recommending sustainable practices to strengthen the resorts. Fields studies were carried out in both resorts on the Soils, Flora, Fauna and Human activities of land use, population and recreation. While the results of Wengen resort indicated a cautious use of the natural resources of soil, vegetation and wildlife, the Obudu Resort on the other’ hand records a negative trend in the exploitation of some resources. However, the study parameters of human population and land use were more favourable in Obudu with a population negative rate of 3.1 per annum against the growth rate of -2.6 in wengen resort. Similarly the land use in Obudu fall within the ratio of 3:1:2 for recreational, residential and agricultural respectively, as against 5:0:2 in Wengen resort. The study came out with recommendations for sustainable development of the two resorts

Keywords: Ecological, Obudu, Recreation, Resort, Tourism, Wengen, land use

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