Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of College Tutors’ Use of Student-Centred Approach of Teaching and Learning Mathematics


Citation: Mark Mishiwo(2022)   Pre-service teachers’ perceptions of college tutors’ use of student-centred approach of teaching and learning mathematics, International Journal of Education, Learning and Development, Vol. 10, No.2, pp.56-66

Abstract: The study sought to explore pre-service teachers’ perceptions of tutors’ use of student-centred approach of teaching and learning Mathematics in Akatsi College of Education. The study also evaluated pre-service teachers’ learning experiences in relation to their active and passive learning.The study used descriptive survey design. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from one hundred and ninety-seven pre-service teachers who were purposively sampled for the study. The data collected was analysed using means and standard deviations. The results of the study revealed that College tutors used both student-centred and teacher-centred approaches of teaching Mathematics. In addition, students’ learning experiences could be described as a mixed bag, incorporating both active and passive learning experiences, with most of the pre-services involved in active learning. Consequently, it was recommended that during the development and implementation of the subject course manuals, tutors should be encouraged to use student-centred approach of teaching and learning Mathematics in the Colleges of Education. Also, since stakeholders of Initial Teacher Education programme, made provision for 60% of continuous assessment marks in the implementation National Teacher Education Assessment Policy, tutors no matter the circumstances, should engage pre-service teachers in student-centred Mathematics lessons.


Keywords: Mathematics, Pre-Service Teachers, active learning, student-centred teaching and learning


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