The Effect of Using Web Quests on Improving Jordanian Eight Graders’ Grammar Learning


This study examined the effect of using Web Quests  on improving  Jordanian eight graders’ grammar learning. The participants of the study were 45 females students from two sections of eight grade students from a public school, Dahiyet Al Hussein Elementary School for Girls in Amman, Jordan in the first semester of the academic year 2016\ 2017. Those participants included the  two intact groups of the study: (1) the control group which included (23) girls who were taught by the traditional method, and (2) the experimental group which included (22 ) girls  who were taught by  the Web Quests. The instrument used to collect data was  a grammar pre-test and a grammar post-test. Results showed that Web Quests was not effective in improving  Jordanian eight graders’ grammar learning. The study also indicated that there were significant differences due to the GPA of eight graders’ female students  in favor of high GPA.

Keywords: Web Quests; Jordanian EFL learners; Grammar learning

Article Review Status: Published

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