Students’ Concerns and Views on Effectiveness of Implementation of a Post-Diploma in Basic Education Distance Learning Programme


This study sought to find out issues of serious concern to Post-Diploma students at the Kumasi Study Centres of the University of Education, Winneba, distance education programme. It also solicited their views on how to address those concerns. A descriptive cross-sectional quantitative survey using a self-designed structured questionnaire was employed to randomly select 291 respondents from a population of 1,200. The reliability coefficient of the questionnaire was 0.73. The data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 16.0 version). The study identified inadequate feedback and contact with lecturers/instructors, poor facilities and conditions at the study centres, high cost of programme, delay in the supply of modules, absenteeism of instructors, among others, as issues of serious concern to students. The number one issue of concern was delay in the supply of modules. It was revealed that early supply of modules, ensuring improvement in facilities and conditions at the centres, among others, would address students’ concerns on the programme. The study contributes to the importance of student involvement in successful implementation of distance education programmes.

Keywords: Effective Implementation, Programeme, Students Concerns, Students Involvement, Views., distance learning

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