Whatsapp Utilization and Academic Performance of Computer in Education Trainee Teachers in University of Port-Harcourt


This mix-method study was carried out to find out the effect of Whatsapp when used as a tool to deliver instruction to 400 level trainee teachers who offered Computer in Education (Edu 402.1) course in the Department of Educational Management (EDM), University of Port Harcourt for 2016/2017 academic session. It adopted both experimental and descriptive survey designs. The sample size comprised of 72 EDM Accounting/Geography and 65 EDM Economics trainee teachers that were randomly selected from the population to form the experimental and control groups respectively. The experimental and control groups were respectively taught via whatsapp group discussion platform and face-to-face discussion strategy. Researchers’ developed Computer in Education Achievement Test (CEAT) and an interview were used as the study’s instruments. Four (4) research questions and three hypotheses guided this study, while the analytical tools were mean, standard deviation, qualitative analysis and t-test using SPSS version 22. Amongst the results was that no significant difference existed between the mean values the two groups at post-test level. Hence, university lecturers should always supplement their classroom teaching with newer technologies such as whatsapp group discussion and other social networking platforms since they offer the students all times and on-the-go  learning opportunities.

Keywords: Discussion Strategy., Mobile Application, Social Networking Sites, Teaching/Learning, Trainee Teachers, Whatsapp Platform

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