Development of Recount text Teaching Material Based on Local History Supported With Comic in Indonesian Learning in High School


This study aims to find out about the results of the development of recount text teaching materials based on local history supported by  comics on students grade X SMA Negeri 1 Panyabungan Selatan. The teaching materials developed is in the form of module. The research method used is research and development method of Research and Development (R & D) referred to Borg & Gall model proposed by Wina Sanjaya. The results showed that: (1) material expert validation includes content feasibility with an average of 89.84% on very good criteria, presentation feasibility with an average of 89.42% on very good criteria, and an assessment of language with an average of 87 , 5% on very good criteria, (2) validation of design experts with an average of 89.77% on very good criteria; (3) teacher response with an average of 90% on very good criteria; (4) individualized trials with an average of 79.86% on good criteria, (5) small group trials with an average of 82.17% on very good criteria, and (6) limited field test with an average of 92.64% on very good criteria. The result of writing recount text story before using the module is 69,37 while the result of writing recount text story after using the module increased by 81,4. The difference is 12.03 from before to after using module. This proves that the teaching materials of the recount text developed can improve student learning outcomes by using local history-based learning. This study has implications that students can more easily develop ideas based on learning resources related to historical values that exist in the area. Indonesian Language Teachers also provide a good response to teaching materials in the form of modules developed thus the module can be used as a companion of the main teaching materials in the school. Modules that have been developed can be input and comparison in implementing learning oriented to curriculum development so as to contribute to educational institutions, especially national education.

Keywords: Local History, Recount Text, Teaching Materials

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