Creative Thinking Skills Of Natural Science With Collaborative-Based On Discovery Learning Model Compared By Direct Instruction Learning Model At Sd Negeri 066045, Class V, Medan Helvetia, Indonesia


Natural science education (IPA) is implemented in the learning process at school considering the importance of the lesson. Based on the results of interviews in science learning, the learning is still a teacher centered (centered on the teacher). The results of IPA study are also still low at SD Negeri  066045 Helvetia Medan of Class V. At SD Negeri  066045 Helvetia Medan of Class V students using creative thinking skills learned with collaborative discovery learning model of learning are different from the creative thinking skill of students who taught by direct instruction model in SD Negeri 066045 Medan. This is based on the results of the first hypothesis test that the significance Anava (= 0,000) is smaller than the significance level (= 0.05), and Fcount (= 81.347) is greater than Ftable (= 4.08).

Keywords: Creative Thingking Skill; Natural Science; Dicovery Learning Model; Direct Instruction Learning Model

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