The Development of Writing Learning Media in Audio Visual Based On Explanatory Text at the Students of Class Xi Man 2 Model Medan, Indonesia


This research and development aims to produce Indonesian language learning media on the explanatory text writing material for the students of class XI MAN 2 Model Medan. With the reference to the quality criteria according to Nieven, a material is said to be good if it meets the aspects of quality, among others: (1) Validity, (2) Practicality, and (3) Effectiveness that help to improve the students’ learning outcomes. The method in this study is adapted from Hannafin and Peck (1987), a model that consists of three main processes. The first phase of this model is the needs assessment phase, followed by the design phase and the third phase is development and implementation. The result of the validity analysis showed that the learning media was valid (83.75%), the validator of the learning design stated that the learning media was valid (87.5%) and the validator of the learning media stated very valid (83.75%). The results of practicality analysis showed that the result of the students’ questionnaire response to the developed audio-visual based learning media was a very positive response so that this learning media is practical to use. In addition, the media is said to be effective because the evaluation results indicate that there was a greater or equal to 80% of the subject complete test and the students’ and the teachers’ positive response through a questionnaire given.

Keywords: Audio Visual, Learning Media, Writing Explanatory Text

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