‘How to Change Things When Change Is Hard’: The Implementation of Pbl in University Of Zawia


Research indicates that there is a significant gap between the knowledge and skills that college students need for life and in the current state of education in higher education. Educators and researchers agreed that more must be done to prepare students for future jobs. it is clear that the traditional methods of teaching are not going to improve such skills. A growing body of academic research supports the use of project-based learning which has been considered as a teaching method for closing the gap between current students’ learning of knowledge and skills needed for the 21st century. The main objective of this research is to investigate the benefits and the challenges of the implementation of PBL in the higher education institutions in Libya mainly in three colleges at the University of Zawia as a case study. The participants of this study are 6 teachers from different departments in University of Zawia. The data analysis of the gathered data evolved that, the PBL as a teaching method, supports, facilitates and improves the learning process. It also allows students to work collaboratively and enriches their creativity.

Keywords: 21st Century Skills, Project-Based Learning, in-service training

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