Factors Affecting the Quality of Students’ Research Work: Exploring the Perception of Students


There is a growing debate focused on the quality of students’ project work at Takoradi Polytechnic. There is a general consensus that the quality of students’ project work are declining. However, what constitutes quality is undefined within this debate neither factors that influence quality. Opinions regarding factors which determine the quality of research are, in the main, driven by anecdotes and not concrete facts. Our objective was to identify the factors influencing the quality of project works from the perception of students. The statistical technique used in analysing the data for this study was Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) which yielded five factors comprising only half of the original number of items presented to students to which they were to respond. The extracted items constituting the five factors are thus important corollary for fashioning policies for addressing issues of quality with respect to students’ project work.

Keywords: Factors, Polytechnic, Project Work, Quality Research, Students’ Perception

Article Review Status: Published

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