How teachers cope with the religious diversity in Greek kindergarten classes. From theory to reality.


Nowadays, the religious diversity is a reality in Greek kindergarten school and it is found in almost all the classrooms. The kindergarten teachers are invited to manage effectiveness with this diversity. The legislative framework of religious diversity defines in some extent the range of practices that will be implemented. The opinions and the attitudes of kindergarten teachers play an important role, as they are those who implement the religious education in kindergarten school. This research examines the attitudes, the opinions and the ways of managing with religious diversity by kindergartener teachers. For this purpose, a questionnaire was given to 173 kindergarten teachers from various regions of Greece. The results shown that teachers know how to manage with religion diversity theoretically, but in practice they do not implement always. Younger kindergarten teachers and assistants seemed to implement practices which take more into account of children of another religion

Keywords: Churchgoing, Education, Kindergarten Teachers, Religious Diversity, Religious Education, Religious Feasts, prayer

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