Impact of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on the Management and Performance of Secondary School Teachers in Kwara State


This study was carried out to investigate the impact of ICT on the management and performance of secondary school teachers in Kwara State. Three (3) research questions and three (3) hypotheses guided the study, three hundred (300) teachers who were sampled from three political of educational zones in the state i.e. Kwara Central, Kwara South and North were used for the data collection. The instrument for data collection developed 27 items structured statistics to answer the research questions and mean scores were used to test the hypothesis. The findings showed there schools and teachers do not use the ICT tools in their instructional activities. Findings also revealed that the ICT training(s) teachers received do not have impact on their instructional usage. The study recommended that government should partnered with private organization to proved ICT tools for secondary school in Kwara State and that needs analysis should be employed to determine who needs training and what types of training before they go on training.


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