Enhancing Entrepreneurs Human Capital: A Prerequisite for Small Scale Enterprise Sustenance in the Cape Coast Metropolis


This study assessed the human capital of enterprise owners and their employees for small scale enterprise sustenance and development in the Cape Coast Metropolis. The study, among other objectives, examined the effects of entrepreneurs’/employees competencies on their enterprises sustenance and development, strategies for human capital development and the associated challenges hampering the development of human capital of small scale enterprise owners in the Cape Coast Metropolis. The study employed a descriptive study design involving 240 enterprise owners and five key informants (including the Regional Operations Manager of NBSSI and the heads of the respective associations of small scale enterprise groups chosen for the study) in the metropolis. Interview schedule and interview guide were used to collect data.  Data generated was analysed using descriptive statistics and thematic analysis. The study revealed that related work experience and training were the human capital components that influenced the development of enterprise owner’s skills in the metropolis. Also, on-the-job training in the form of apprenticeship was key strategy used for developing apprentices/employees knowledge, skill and capabilities. However, lack of funds and support for skill development programmes were major setbacks to the development of enterprise owner’s skills in the metropolis. It was recommended that government should revive its support (financial and skill development programmes) to these artisans for an improved performance and eventually for small enterprise sustenance and development.

Keywords: human capital; enhancement, sustenance; development; growth

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