Does Economic Growth Influence Government Expenditure? Evidence from Nigeria


The main focus of this study is to investigate the impact of economic growth on government expenditure in Nigeria covering the periods 1970 to 2013. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was used as a proxy for economic growth, and the GDP time series was decomposed using the partial sum approach in order to achieve asymmetry in the variable. The asymmetric ARDL estimation technique was appropriately employed in this study. The findings of this study revealed that economic growth has significant impact on government expenditure in Nigeria. The study further provided evidence of bi-causality between expansion in economic growth (GDP_P) and government expenditure in Nigeria. The study recommended among others that proactive steps must be taken by governments to stimulate economic growth through production.

Keywords: Aggregate demand and Granger Causality, Asymmetric ARDL, Government Expenditure, economic growth

Article Review Status: Published

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