Gestão Da Escola: Ato Pedagógico Ou Ato Gerencial? School Management: Pedagogical Act or Management Act?


Through the school management institutions are organized and conducted, taking into account economic, political, structural and pedagogical factors. The objective was to identify if the school manager is an essentially academic manager focused on the pedagogical process or would be the manager that provides the necessary resources for the teaching and learning process. The research method is exploratory, with qualitative data treatment and descriptive treatment. As an instrument of data collection, an interview with a structured script was conducted, in which the managers answered questions related to their performance in the educational institution. Many of the managers find it difficult to take over the school management because they do not have administrative knowledge. Considering that education and administrative processes constantly undergo transformations, the manager is required to have knowledge that needs to go beyond pedagogy so that management is efficient. Thus, this study presents proposals for training managers.

Keywords: School Management; Practices; Management Act

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