Relationship between File Transfer Protocols Assisted Knowledge-Sharing and Organizational Effectiveness


The study investigated relationship between File Transfer Protocols assisted knowledge-sharing and organizational effectiveness. Two research questions and a hypothesis were designed to guide the study. The population comprised all the medical personnel in the University of PortHarcourt Teaching Hospital, Rivers State. The sample of the study consisted of 80 medical personnel of whom 30 were medical doctors and 50, randomly drawn from the population.  The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire code-named Relationship between File-Transfer-Protocol Assisted Knowledge Sharing and Time Wastage Prevention Assessment Questionnaire (RFTPAKSTWPQ). The fool test for the internal consistency of the instrument was conducted using Cronbach aphc statistical. Mean and standard deviation were used to analyzed the results with the aid of z-test. Results revealed that  file transfer-protocol-assisted knowledge sharing relates to prevention of time wastage in treating the in-patients in Federal Government-owned hospital in PortHarcourt, Rivers State and no relationship exists between knowledge sharing with the file transfer protocol and knowledge sharing without file-transfer-protocol in preventing time wastage in the in-patients’ treatment in Federal Government-owned hospital in PortHarcourt, Rivers State. The study recommend that State and Federal Governments should prioritize FTP-assisted knowledge sharing and integrate it to drive hospital services and hospital leaderships at both federal and state levels and trained should be strengthened in each of FTP-assisted knowledge sharing so that many ignorant ones will appreciate effectiveness associated with sharing information via FTP.   

Keywords: File Transfer Protocols, Knowledge Sharing, Organizational effectiveness

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