Empirical Investigation of Assessment of Influence of Reward System on Health Worker Job Performance


This study is examines the influence of reward on worker job performance using health sector as a reference. It is a research based on primary data collected using a structured questionnaire. The influence of reward system on worker performance was analyzed using Ordinary Least Square Regression Analysis Method. The study revealed that there is a positive relationship between reward and worker performance. The study recommended that (1) the employer of labour need to constantly review the reward packages to their employee and allow it to reflect their contribution to the organization. (2) The economic situation of Nigeria has changed drastically in recent time such that cost of living has shut up drastically, employer is expected to pay a reward that reflect changes in economic situation in Nigeria (3) With the present global economic trend, most employers of labour need to realize that for their organizations to compete favourably, employee performance is a key factor and their wellbeing must be of paramount important to them.

Keywords: Health Sector, Job, Labour, Performance, Reward, workers

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