Jordan’s Export Import Scenario During 2000- 2014


In light of the challenges set by the economic openness and foreign trade to the Jordanian economy, especially through the increasing competition for Jordanian products of goods and services with regional and global countries, it is necessary to activating the role of the Jordanian trade policy in order to make greater contribution to enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy. The objective of this research paper is to address the impact of import and export of Jordon on Gross Domestic Product growth (GDP) during the period 2000-2014 as the GDP at market price determines the import, export and openness of Jordan. Linear Regression analysis has been applied with GDP at market price and Import, export, trade and trade openness. The analysis shows that there is a statistically significant impact of export and import of goods and services, and on GDP growth of the economy. On the other hand the analysis shows no significant effect of trade openness on GDP growth rate due to trade deficit.

Keywords: Export, GDP, Jordan, import, trade openness

Article Review Status: Published

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