Analysis on the Path for Social Organization for Providing Public Services Supply under the Perspective of Collaborative Governance


In the era of big data and the “Internet Plus” in China,the complexity and uncertainty of national governance have been increasing. Therefore, for the public services supply, it is necessary to form a pattern of multi-subject social collaborative governance. As the main bodies of collaborative governance, social organizations have been engaging in the public services supplying actively, which reflects China’s governance system and governance ability modernization. In this paper, by analyzing China’s traditional supply mode and multiple subjects mode on public services, as well as social organizations providing public services under the perspective of collaborative governance, from which can find the lack of social organizations providing public services. Therefore, proposing the optimized path of social organizations providing public services through the case analysis meanwhile. The improvement measures of introducing competitive bidding in the public services supply, promoting the ability construction of social organizations and orientating the multi-subject roles rationally can optimize the path of social organizations providing public services.

Keywords: Social organization; Public services; Collaborative governance

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