Analysis on the Meaning of Symbols in The Bugis Traditional Processing “Mappacci” In Bone Regency, South Sulawesi


Mappacci is a custom as one of a series of wedding party processions among the Bugis community, currently still thick with their customs. Mappacci comes from the word Pacci, which is a kind of plant where the leaves are used by Bugis people as belo kanuku or to decorate nails, Mappacci is similar in sound to the word paccing which means clean or holy. Symbolizes the purity of the heart of the bride and groom facing tomorrow. This research is qualitative research using text analysis to understand the meaning of the message contained in the Mappacci traditional procession. Qualitative research does not use numbers but uses an analysis with theory as the basis for conducting this research. The researcher used the method of observation, interviews and documentation. The available data were analyzed using Charles Sanders Pierce’s semiotic theory with his trichonomic theory consisting of signs, objects and interpretants. However, in this study, we will only discuss Pierce’s semiotics in the classification of a sign.

Keywords: mappacci, pierce, south sulawesi, symbol

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