Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Supervisors of Practical Supervision from the Point of View of Female Students of the Faculty of Nursing – Hail University”


The study aimed to evaluating the practical supervision from the point of view of the female students of the Faculty of Nursing at Hail University in the four academic years that were present during the data collection period. The study sample consisted of (40) female students who took the necessary method. The researcher developed a tool to evaluate the practical supervision. Three axes (the management of the educational process, the educational axis, the support and motivation axis). The results showed a slight difference between the views of negative and positive students towards supervising them in practical training, where the evaluation of students was more positive in the management of the training process, while their evaluation was more negative in the other axes.

Keywords: College of Nursing, Practical Supervision, Trainee.

Article Review Status: Published

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