Differences in Students’ Behavior and Attitude regarding Study at Home and Library in Focus Private Library at Wad Medani 2019


Background:  library is a curated collection of sources of information and similar resources, selected by experts and made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing, often in a quiet environment conducive to study. Greatest benefit for many is having fewer distractions. At home one might have to contend with roommates, pets, and other temptations. In addition to fewer of these distractions, the library can provide you with a wealth of educational resources that can aid you in your studies. Objectives: This study is aim to compare studying in library and at home in different aspects. Methods: This is cross sectional descriptive community base study. Results: Total number of students were 150, estimation number of hours when students study in library were: 7.3% of students study more than 10 hours, 53.3% of students study 5-10 hours, 35.3% study 2-5 hours and 4% of students study less than 2 hours. Estimation number of hours when students study at home were 3.3% of students study more than 10 hours, 12.7% of students study 5-10 hours, 44.7% of students study 2-5 hours and 39.3% of students study less than 2 hours.  This study found out 93.3% of student prefer study at library while 6.7% of    students prefer study at home .Conclusion: This study conclude that the Liberary is the suitable and preferable place for studing in majority of participants, and the maximal hours spend on studing are found to be in people studing in liberary.

Keywords: Home, Library, Student’s Behavior, Study, Wad Medani, attitude, private library

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