Evaluation of Cataloguing and Classification Competencies of Librarians in Nigerian Academic Libraries


A cross-sectional study of 84 cataloguers from 20 academic libraries across the geopolitical zones of Nigeria were randomly selected for the study. Their cataloguing and classification competencies; available cataloguing tools and the problems encountered were evaluated.  A 32-item structured questionnaire under three sections was administered to the selected cataloguers. The mean value calculated for competencies in cataloguing and classifications skills is 3.3. “Finding it convenient to make good judgments in handling gray areas” had the least variable score of 2.6. The mean value for the cataloguing tools commonly used is 3.4. “Web Dewey and/or printed Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)” has the least score of 2.2. No training opportunity for continuous professional development” has the highest score of 3.8. Current cataloguing tools should be provided nationwide and also training opportunities that will help these librarians keep abreast of changing cataloguing rules for effective service delivery in Nigerian academic libraries.

Keywords: Academic Libraries, Cataloguing, Classification, librarian

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