Role of Knowledge Workers in Digital Economy: A Proposed Program for Teaching of Knowledge Management in Information and Library Departments of Arab Universities


The present study aims to investigate the role of knowledge workers in the digital economy, knowledge management, and contributions to the different institutions in libraries and information. It also identifies the potential to integrate knowledge management course into university education. The study adopted the descriptive and analytical approach. It concluded that knowledge workers play an important role in the different institutions to enrich and consolidate the knowledge assets and to increase the financial value. They are also a major competitive value internationally.  Knowledge management has an important central role in institutions where many disciplines compete to join the bandwagon of knowledge management including economists and information technology professionals. Furthermore, the educational institutions qualify few numbers of students in the skills required for the international standards in the changing digital society. The study recommended integrating a gradual comprehensive system on the knowledge economy and management and knowledge workers; preparation into the programs of information and library departments in the Arab world. Therefore, a study program was proposed reflecting modern trends in knowledge management, digital economy, as well as knowledge workers and their role in libraries and information departments.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Knowledge control, digital economy

Article Review Status: Published

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