Broadcast Media and Rural Mobilization: Did it help the Ebola Awareness Campaign in Nigeria


This study investigates broadcast media and rural mobilization and its influence on Ebola awareness campaign in Nigeria. The study adopted a phenomenological ontology and specifically employed focus group and single one-to-one interview approaches to collect data from residents in a single local government in South South region of Nigeria. 3 focus group interviews with 19 rural dwellers were conducted, while 8 single one-to-one interviews were conducted on media and health professionals, making it a total of 27 participants. Data was analysed using thematic template and content analysis techniques with NVivo 11 software for data management, thematic weighting and coding. Findings showed that four key themes: Language usage; the misconception of message content; expertise of Journalist and science journalism; and rural media participation influence participants’ experiences of broadcast media awareness campaign on Ebola disease in rural communities. But, language and rural media participation strategies were mostly employed by broadcast media professional for Ebola campaign awareness.

Keywords: Ebola Awareness Campaign, Marketing Communications, Nvivo 11, Public Relations, Qualitative Focus Group Approach, Rural Mobilisation, broadcast media

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