An Appraisal of Techno-Dynamics Structure of On-Farm Textile Innovation Development in Ondo State, Nigeria


The study aimed at appraising techno-dynamics structure of on-farm textile innovations development in Ondo State of Nigeria. It assessed cultural-systematic factor and, analysed socio- economic characteristics of the techno- dynamics structure influencing development of the innovation.  Public Agricultural Development Programme’s agency in the State was selected, and snowball sampling procedure was used in selecting four Agricultural Research Institutes for the study. Purposive sampling procedure was employed in selecting a total of 78 research and 90 extension staff. Key informant interviews schedule, questionnaire, and Focus Group Discussions were used to generate information.  Descriptive statistics was applied in summarizing data collected and correlation analysis for determining relationship between development and techno-dynamics structure. Finding from social survey highlighted low level of development for on-farm textile innovation. Technical knowledge given to farmers was not adequate enough to support development and, the innovations suffered customary lag.  On-farm textile development lacked appropriate innovation emergence and dissemination approach.  At p<0.01 and p < 0.05 the following techno-dynamics variables showed significant relationship with development viz: accessible innovation transfer system(r = -0.597**), staff training needs(r = 0.391*), marketing mechanism(r = 0.475*), and funding system (r = 0.371*).  It is therefore suggested that, government should consent to statutory policies and principles of innovation emergence and transfer. Policy makers and administrators should monitor and strengthen interaction between all related institutes for the introduced innovation. Adequate funding should also be provided for research and extension activities on on-farm textile development.

Keywords: Development, Innovation, Textile, on-farm, techno-dynamics

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