Nutritional Assessment of Xylopia Parviflora Seed Obtained From Pati Shabakolo, Lavun Local Government, Niger State, Nigeria


Determination of nutritive value of Xylopia parviflora seed was carried out using standard analytical methods. The proximate parameters determined were moisture content (8.95  1.93), ash content (6.25  0.35), crude fibre (8.25  0.57), crude protein (8.28  0.19) %, fat (6.08  0.46%) carbohydrate (62.45  0.76) % and calorific value (337.60  0.32KJ/100g) respectively. The result of this sample revealed that the seed of Xylopia parviflora contains reasonable amount of mineral contents needed in diet with potassium concentration of 53.21±0.31, phosphorus (50.22 ), sodium (49.50±0.42), magnesium  (22.58±0.62) and iron content (26.41±0.28) as well as copper concentration 12.42±0.14 mg/100g. The highest and lowest essential and non-essential amino acid composition of this seed were glutamic acid (13.18) and triptophan (0.65) and leucine (5.79) and cystine (0.66) g/100g respectively. The anti-nutritional factors were also determined which revealed that the result were all below toxic level and therefore may not cause any effect on man and his animal when taken.

Keywords: Anti-nutritional and Amino Acid, Mineral, Nutritive, Xylopia Parviflora Seed

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