Juridical Person as Subject of Criminal Responsibility in Albania


Criminal responsibility of a juridical person , represents a particular interest area based on the largest impact that juridical entities, in all forms provided by law,  have in various social and economic aspects, as well considering the growing number of these legal entity formats. Additionally to that, Albania is working for the integration in the European family, (including the legislation approach) and that’s fore was approved Law Nr.9754 Dt.14.06.2007 “Criminal responsibility of legal entities”. Being part of a commercial and economic reality in which the impact and the number of juridical person has increased significantly, we can’t ignore the existence of these entities as subjects of criminal responsibility. Actually this kind of responsibility is difficult to be understood applied on a legal entity. The notion of criminal liability is more than understandable applied on physical person and well-known are the provisions that provides this kind of responsibility, while the notion of criminal responsibility of juridical person, will be understood in its best if we first define the meaning of juridical person.

Keywords: Criminal responsibility, Juridical person, Physical person

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