New Technological Solutions for a more Effective Implementation of Copyrights and Intellectual Property


In this paper the authors propose the implementation of the new technological solutions based on knowledge bases, ontologies and semantic web for a simple monitoring of ncessary knowledge related to copyrights and intellectual property. The proposed concept is mostly related to copyrights in Bosnia and Hercegovina because its legal basis is mostly used but with the more quality updating of the necessary knowledge it can be very easily used in the European Union. The author’s idea is to suggest a new concept of the implementation of the knowledge base in one very important area related to copyrights which are especially important with the increasing use of Internet and the increase of piracy. Updating of the part of the necessary knowledge we have conducted in Protégé-OWL editor which is recommended by the W3C consortium. We consider that this paper can contribute to the growing development and the application of the semantic web

Keywords: conventions, copyrights, intellectual property, knowledge base, legal base

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